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Social media has changed the way that we interact with the world. It isn’t just a tool to stay in touch with our friends, but to find and follow people who inspire us. Every day, people discover each other on platforms like Instagram and YouTube, but their only way to communicate is to Like or DM one another.

That’s why we created Vanywhere. It’s a platform that instantly connects influencers and YouTubers with their fans and followers, through live, 1-on-1 video, voice and chat. Now instead of communicating in emojis, people can actually connect with the influencers they admire and get personalized advice on a host of topics. It’s a great way for influencers to increase engagement with their followers, and to monetize their time and social media channels. Think of it as FaceTiming with your favorite YouTube chef, Instagram stylist or celebrity idol. The options are endless.

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How it Works

Vanywhere’s vision is to the be world’s first platform
that provides live connections between influencers and their followers.

Apple Case Study

One of the pilots we ran was providing support for Apple products and services.

Every month, there are over 1M Google search requests for Apple tech support questions such as “how to synch my iPhone?” We recruited Apple enthusiasts to be Vanywhere Skillers and launched an Apple support campaign, which generated 26% conversion from download to action with average call times lasting 4 ½ minutes. During the course of the pilot, we became the largest live video provider of Apple tech support in the world.

  • 26% conversion from download to action
  • Over 1M Google Search Requests
  • Average Call Times Lasting 4:30 min
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Introduction to Skillers

Vanywhere is based on influencers and YouTubers – or as we like to think of them – people with skills. We decided to call them Skillers.

A Skiller doesn’t necessarily have to be an expert or a professional, they just need to have a skill that they’re really good at, and want to share with the world. Skillers set their own price per minute for live chats, or a project fee for offline gigs. Plus they can earn tips too.

Types of Skillers

  • Influencer Skillers are social media influencers with an army of loyal followers who look to them for guidance and advice in their field. Vanywhere offers them a unique opportunity for 1-on-1 engagement with their audience as an added value service that directly monetizes their followers on an individual basis. For micro-influencers (with 10K-300K followers), this revenue channel is particularly important, as they haven’t yet reached the threshold where they’re earning meaningful revenue for sponsorship deals.

  • Professional/Celebrity Skillers are trained professionals or celebs who are experts in their fields. These could include actors, fashion designers, makeup artists, and fitness trainers, among others. They are people who have big followings on social media, but their only way to monetize is through marketing campaigns with brands. Vanywhere gives them an opportunity to set their own terms, and price-per-minute.

The Community
Behind Vanywhere

Influencers will use Vanywhere for

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App Store now!

All calls happen through the Vanywhere platform, meaning you never have to give out your personal phone number or email.

As soon as a call is answered, payment is collected from the caller. You never have to chase down people for money, or receive payment through third party platforms like PayPal.

The engagement opportunities on social media are limited. Vanywhere allows you to talk directly with followers and give them your full attention in 1-on-1, personalized interactions.

we are passionate creators

Team at


The Vanywhere team has been working to bring their unique vision to the world. They have already developed and tested a working platform that is designed to bring live, personalized solutions to people all over the world.


Vanywhere’s Advisory Team is made up of international leaders in the world of business and startup.

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